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Meet the Team


The leader of the team and its inspiration, Nithi Subhongsang (known to all as ‘Nutty’) was born and raised in Bangkok, Nutty has worked in the travel industry for over 17 years and has a deep passion for sustainable tourism and responsible travel. To him, they are not just words; they encompass his philosophy and lifestyle. When you meet Nutty, you will know immediately that he lives by his beliefs and works towards providing travellers with genuine insights into his country so they can experience first-hand the culture, the people and the environment. Nutty is often heard saying "Sabai Sabai" which in Thai means 'chill out', or 'relax'. He sees no contradiction between all his hard work and the idea of “sabai, sabai”.


Behind every good man is an even better woman! Nattapak Sathierujikanon (Natasha). As the General Manager, she is the backbone of Ayutthaya Boat and Travel. Natasha is passionate about Thailand, community-based tourism and responsible travel. Natasha will greet you with a beautiful smile and her warm, welcoming nature you will just want to give her a big hug. She has a very generous spirit and that means no task or request is too big for her.


Assistant General Manager and tour leader, Neung has worked in travel for many years. She is always ready to greet you with a smile; she is full of spirit, enthusiasm and a passion for Thailand and will go out of her way to make your adventure in Thailand memorable. Her knowledge of her country, its history, culture and people are a testament to her dedication to providing you with answers to all your questions about her home.


Captain Saem

Our expert boat captain, P'Saem is highly skilled behind the wheel of our rice barge and has excellent knowledge of the river and its currents. He has lived on the water all his life with over 30 years experience taking boats up and down the river between Bangkok and Ayutthaya. He's good man and you can trust him to get you home safe and sound every time.


Part of our administration team and also a tour guide, Boong is always proud of herself and smiles when she introduces herself by her other nickname “My name is Ms. Beauty". Educated at a Physical Education College, Boong has a warm character and outgoing personality and is a real team player, filling our clients with her enthusiasm and ensuring they are happy all the time they are with her.



Joined the team a couple of years ago and is responsible for sales and marketing. Andrew has more years’ experience in the travel industry than he wants to admit to but we can tell you that it is over 40 years. He has worked in England, Holland, Denmark and for the past 25 years Thailand has been his home. As Sales and Marketing Manager, Andy will be the face of Ayutthaya Boat and Travel around the world as he delivers the message of responsible tourism, a personal goal of his for his entire career. If you want anything from Ayutthaya Boat and Travel, drop him a line and he will take care of it.


Noon as recently joined our administration team and one of her jobs is to keep track of the cash in the office; so watch out, if you have any money on you, keep away from Noon or she will have it from you in no time and it will disappear into the petty cash. Noon is a local girl and lives with her family.



A recent member of our team, Pang originally came to us as an intern while still at Silapakorn university, now she has graduated she has joined us fulltime and is busy learning the ropes of sustainable tourism. Like Noon, Pang is a local girl; we like to employ local people when we can as we think it is nice to help keep families together.

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Ayutthaya Boat & Travel
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